Indigenous Law


Bryna Hatt works with First Nations and Tribal Councils on a host of Indigenous issues and interests. She is knowledgeable and experienced in the specific laws and practices surrounding Indigenous governments, communities, workplaces and businesses. Bryna routinely provides advise on a range of matters, including: 

· Day to day matters

· Workplace issues (*see also Workplace Law)

· Economic development

· Governance and self-government

· Drafting laws, by-laws and policies

· Land management and Housing

· Fisheries

· First Nation Financial Management certifications

· Indian Act and associated legislation 

· First Nations Elections Act and Custom Codes

· Membership Codes 

· Human Rights 

· Specific claims

· Negotiations with the Crown and third parties

· Aboriginal and treaty rights


Bryna has also worked with numerous Indigenous communities to draft and implement their own Matrimonial Real Property Laws. 

Bryna has successfully defended the Mi'kmaq treaty right to a moderate livliehood fishery in a precedent setting case called UFCW v. Waycobah First Nation (2015 CIRB 792).

Bryna is the current Chair of the Nova Scotia Aboriginal Law Section of the Canadian Barristers Association.